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For over 15 years our Company developes, produces and sells Work Time Recorders for working time and attendance systems as well as access control systems, with photo- and videoregistrating, with innovative techniques of image recognition.

Main features of our Recorder are networked operations and photoregistration. enabling easy work time registrations in remote locations.

Registrations are saved to a TXT file, what makes it easy to import data to any payroll application.


Zakład Inżynierii Elektronicznej
Andrzej Mączyński
ul. Zaroślak 2/8
80-811 Gdańsk
tel.: +48 58 303 71 95
mob.: +48 604 077 404
email: biuro@rcplus.pl

R&D Office
buiilding of Instytut Maszyn Przepływowych PAN
Fiszera 14, room 260
80-231 Gdańsk, Poland
tel. +48 58 522 51 85

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