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The RCPlus recorder provides an easy way to record the working time and attendance of employees and guests and to keep track of staff on-site presence. It has been designed to enable fast (two separate in/out areas) and reliable (matching user-ID with a photo taken at the time of action) solution for clocking in. It is built of two RFID readers (in/out), a 5-MPix wide angle camera used to authenticate the events, two touch buttons and 2-line, 16 chars alphanumerical display, enclosed in an IP65 rated box.

Work Time Recorder RCPlus
Recorder: two RFID areas for <IN> and <OUT>
"P" and "S" buttons (private / staff), display and camera

Recorder is IP64 rated. It can be equipped with additional features, such as IR diodes, WiFi module, GSM module, GPS receiver, barcode reader. It can utilize an exterior camera for taking additional photos. Terminal runs on Raspbian, Linux based operating system, what provides for an easy integration with any time attendance and payroll system. It can also be used as an access control terminal, with additional external RFID readers installed.

There are 2 colors available: grey and yellow
Work Time Recorder RCPlus - grey
Work Time Recorder RCPlus - yellow


RCPlus recorder is equipped with a wide-angle (150odeg) camera. There are 2 types of camera: with IR filter (used for a visible light spectrum) and with no filter, that can utilise optional IR LEDs used to light the surrounding area, including a person that performs an action.

Work Time Recorder RCPlus
Camera with 6 IR LEDs

Technical data

Parameter Value
Data storage capacity min. 6GB
Image resolution 640x480 (configurable)
Average image size 40kB
Number of images taken at event 2 to 5 (configurable)
Minimal delay between consecutive photos 0,2 sec
Number of recorded events (2 photos per event) est. 25.000
IP rating IP64
Working temperatures -20oC - +40oC
Power supply 9 - 25 V
Power consumption ~2W
Dimensions (w / h / d) 160mm / 130mm / 60mm

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